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Endavant Haití!, a small organization that wants to generate real changes to the lives of the people of this Caribbean country.

During a trip to Haiti, captivated by the warm and enthusiastic personality of its people, surprised by the powerful cultural reality and hit by the harsh conditions in which they live, we were sure that we wanted, could and needed to do something. We decided to join forces, ideas and enthusiasm with them to accompany them in the difficult task of changing their day-to-day life by making it more dignified, easier, healthier and, above all, happier.

Ambitious? Idealist? Illusive? We are people concerned about inequalities in the world, surely like you and many other people who want to change things. That’s why, when we returned to Barcelona, ​​Endavant Haiti! was born.

Pau Pérez

I love to meet people from other cultures, listen to them and learn from them.

Maria Torres

I always wanted to visit Haiti. When I did it, I made a bond with this country forever.

Pablo Blázquez

We cannot wait for others to do what you can do.


About 600 meters above the sea level, in a mountainous area with a very green landscape, about 20,000 people live on self-cultivating yuca, rice, mango, avocado and coffee. The geography of Mont-Organisé gives a softer climate, less hot and humid than in the rest of the country, making the risk of malaria and other tropical diseases almost non-existent and, in addition, the location where it is located greatly reduces the probability of hurricanes and earthquakes.

Haiti, located in the western third of the island La Española, limiting the Dominican Republic and where Kreyol is mostly spoken (although French is the official language). It is the poorest country on the American continent and was put on the map by many people when in 2010 was shaken by a strong earthquake.

Then, the social and humanitarian crisis was evident throughout the world media, which, although sharpened by the natural catastrophe, had been already present for a long time.

We work in the rural village of Mont-Organisé where we stayed most of our time in our first visit to the country.


We provide improvements that may be integrated in their culture, 100% respectful with the social and natural environment and, as our main objective, that can be self-managed by the Haitian and long-term sustainable.

We promote projects linked to agriculture, the environment, culture and energy development that share the premise of being led by the Haitians themselves. It is the Haitian people who have to decide how their future should be and work to build it. COPADIM, an agricultural cooperative of more than 600 people, is our key collaborator in Mont-Organisé with whom we coordinate and work together to carry out the different initiatives.

From Endavant Haiti! we will be at their side accompanying them in the development of the projects and helping them to spread the true reality of their country. Without negating the great difficulties and the permanent political and social crisis in which they are, we want to send a message of optimism and hope based and verified by our experience on the ground. We would like to challenge the image of misery, corruption and violence that the world has about Haiti and achieve the image of hospitality and cultural wealth of this Caribbean country.

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All the members of Endavant Haiti!, from the board to the volunteers and collaborators, work without receiving any type of economic reward.

If you want to know more about the accounts of Endavant Haiti! contact us! We will give you all the details.

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